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Han Solo

Looking through my posts, I realize, I haven’t explained ‘Han Soloing’.

I have heard a theory that the original three Star Wars movies (Episodes 4-6) worked, in part, because whenever someone was there to suggest something ridiculous, Han Solo was there. He tore down dumb ideas, and he told the other characters how unbelievable it was that they’d all survive. Then the other characters would tell him he was wrong, or lacked faith, or to just shut up, and they would go on with their plans.

The second trilogy (Episodes 1-3) had no such character. There was no one to laugh at Jar Jar, no one to laugh at the silly kid from Tatooine, and no one to point out how hopeless it is to fight robots with fish people. The second trilogy hurt for the lack.

Han Solo was a voice for the audience. He gave our doubts voice. This way the other characters could refute our logic. Even if their refutation was basic, our doubts and concerns were answered. This helped the audience believe (remember verisimilitude?) the outcome.

So, I try to go through my work and make sure I ‘Han Solo’ as much as I can. When one of my characters has a crazy plan, and there are a few, I try to have someone else point out how things will never, and should never work. Then my other characters can address it. We can all move on together.

Well, today I found a fix for the ‘refugee problem’ I encountered last week. The situation was nowhere near as daunting as it seemed when my head was stuffed with viruses and cold medicine. I figured out the problem and moved on. Along the way, I figured out another problem and I ‘Han Solo’d’ it. The novel will be better for it.

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