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Voice is Hard

Today, I discovered ‘okay’ is a late nineteenth century Americanism. There were eleven ‘okay’s in my fantasy story. I then went to replace them with ‘alright’, but that came about around the same time. So I used a few new, but old sounding, colloquialisms and a combination of ‘all right’ and ‘a’right’. I figure that’ll be okay. As it were.

I’m glad dictionary.com has the little bit of etymology it does, because I’m able to look these things up. It’s quite a help, but I often find myself looking at the etymology for every polysyllabic word I write. Again, voice is hard.

The novel is coming along. I’ve reached 72,800 words. Not that words alone define the quality of a novel, but I’ve added some good ones in there. I’ve tweaked the voice quite a bit from the first and second draft. I think it’s better. Not good, maybe, but better.

I still have quite a bit to do, though I am near the end of this pass. I want to revise the end more and add at least two more action scenes, which are fun to write, though I have to be careful not to get repetitious. Even after I’m done (I project that to happen by the end of this week), I’ll have to turn around and start revisions all over again. The 20-30 thousand words I’m adding are all ‘first draft’ level, so I need to go back through the whole thing and make sure it isn’t embarrassingly rife with typos and voice errors. That should be done by the end of the first week in April. Then I send the manuscript out to a slightly larger group of friends and family to test read it. I’ll give it back to my first readers, but they are, in many ways, already tainted. They’ve seen it before, so they might miss things. Others will have to be found.

As a side note, I finally recovered from the flu. That ruled. I’m still hacking up phlegm constantly, but the fevers have stopped. Now, I just sit around and wait for the toddler to bring home something else.

  1. Studnougat
    March 28, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Well Jordan had one of his best games when he had the flu, so I will expect that your recent scribblings are on Jordan level.

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