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Double Roadblock (and a Bonus)

Today I hit a double roadblock:

One- I’m ill.  Not deathbed ill, but I’m coughing up giant chunks of phlegm. They inspire awe. So the coughing and hacking has me taking meds, which, among other things, ship my brain to outer space. Turns out, outer space is not a brilliant place for my brain. It’s cold and dark there with a touch less oxygen than my brain prefers. Whatever, I’ll trudge on.

Two- My protagonist leaves an idyllic city and runs, almost immediately, into a giant wall of refugees. What? Why was there no warning of this? Why are villages a day’s travel south swarmed, yet the city just chugs along hunky dory? I clearly need to go back in and layer in some foreshadowing. And then I need to push back the refugees. The mass of them should be further away and less immediate.

Either of these things by themselves would be okay, but together, they make my head hurt.

My, adjusted and modified, goal for today is to figure out a plan of action and to begin implementing a fix.

On a happier note: my total word count is over 71,000. I’ve reached ~285 pages, paperback. That’s a book-ish length.

I think, speaking of roadblocks, that the first person voice is really hampering my ability to round out the story. There are times I would definitely appreciate the ability to follow other characters around for a while. It would help break things up and add suspense. Unfortunately, the first person bit is necessary because of how my protagonist works. I’m glad I’ve played around with first person, but I can’t wait for my next novel, where I’ll go third-person all the way.

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