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Wolf: Sins of the Father

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, I finished the second draft of my novel, finally. I have commenced with the ‘writing with the door open’ segment of my work. Scary. My wife and some friends have the novel in hand and are reading it now. I’m a nervous wreck waiting for reviews. I thrum with nervous energy while a vast emptiness churns in my gut.

It was a neat experience to print it out and really look at it as a finished whole. I liked that part, but it was even better when I used Mobipocket Creator to make the file an e-book. I emailed it to the Kindles in my house. It’s a book. A tiny, unevenly paced, typo bearing, novicely written book. It’s right there on my device is such austere company as the Dark Tower series and the Long Price Quartet. I apologize to those fellows for showing up at their party uninvited. There’s a long way to go, and I don’t know this book will ever see publishing. Still, to see it one a Kindle is pretty nifty.

The experience has been a grueling one, and one that has wiped me out. But I’m already on to the next one.  I have a few different books I want to write know. They each vie for attention and want to be picked next. Just when I think I’ve settled on one, the others raise their hands and make the universal grunting sound of kids who haven’t yet learned to fear being called on in class. I’m going to start Monday, though. Whichever one I pick. I think it’ll likely be the newest book of the group. It’s the freshest, and my mind turns to it the most. I’ve gathered a few lines and random thoughts for it. I’ve done some very rudimentary research around some of the topics. Oh, and I have some names. Hallelujah.

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