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Story Hour Explanation

In addition to my regular short fiction, I will also be posting story hours from my RPG game.  I play D&D with a couple of friends every other week or so, and give myself the story hour write up as yet another practice for writing. 

This stuff with typically be fantasy and based on events at the table.  I write (or crib) the adventures originally, but the people playing put words in the mouths of their characters and make them act.  I attempt to preserve those words and actions as I transfer it into narrative, but I take liberties as well.

4E combat is intricate and lengthy.  I will not recount combats blow by blow.  Instead, I will endeavor to hit some of the highlights and convey the general feel of a given encounter.  If it was a breeze, it should seem like a breeze.  If the combat became an endurance test, it should seem that way as well.

I had been posting this elsewhere, but I figure I may as well have all of my writing in one place.

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