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Chasing the Dream: Commentary

My assignment was to write up a character sketch with a focus on the character’s job (his actual occupation) and his vocation (that which he actually does or wants to do).  We were to then write a story or character background that explored the tension or synergy between our character’s job and vocation.

This has a plot in that it follows a day, so it has a beginning, middle, and end. But it doesn’t have a strong climax or anything. I just tried to show Stu’s job and his two, competing, vocations.

I’m not super happy with the title.  It is fitting, but it seems a bit bland.

I might skim over too much or too little of his day. I cut out a bunch of things I put in there, because it seemed to drag, but I’m not sure if I’d like more detail or if I should have cut even more.

Oh, I know Stu is an odd nickname for Steven, but Stu insists that’s what people call him.

I wrote this after a trip to the East Texas State Fair.  The guys racing pigs peeked my interest.  They weren’t much different than me, but they had this pretty neat gig.  When I got this assignment, they were the first people who jumped into my head.  They hadn’t really loved what they did, but as I drew up Stu, he told me he does love the job.  Sometimes, anyway, which is really all you can ask out of a job.

His primary vocation is acting.  He’ s really taken to the pig race caller job.  It’s a good fit for his raw acting potential.  He misses the stage, but he gets some of it back here.  I think he’s pretty fulfilled as far as that part of his life goes.

Then there is the vocation of being a dad, which is a tough one.  It rides as an undercurrent beneath everything you do.  Every action and moment it lurks there.  Especially if you have a job that takes you away from home for long periods of time.  And Stu has the vocation of being a husband, which is the one he has failed at the most, it seems.

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